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Ok, so my little blog here is mainly due to the fact that I can find very little online that caters to people like me. Oh, what kind of person am I? I’m a guy that hates paying tons of money to power companies knowing that what I am paying for is power that is derived from coal that is derived from blowing the tops off of mountains. I am a guy that wants to be self sufficient and is taking small steps to be more and more so. I am also a guy that has a small family and so most of my money is accounted for. It’s very easy to get all kinds of info on solar panels and alternative energy if you have $40,000 or more to throw down. I do not and maybe you do not but maybe you feel the same way I do and maybe that is why you are reading this. That is why you should be reading this. I am writing this for people like you and me and most of America. This blog will be about my experiments in clean, renewable energy and other ways in which to screw the power companies and slowly pry, finger by finger, that grip that they have on us. Join me?


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