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How will you spend your 10 Kwh???

Every since I purchased my Black and Decker Power Monitor, which allows me to see exactly how much power my house is pulling off of the grid and keeps a running sum until you reset it again, I have been wanting to start some sort of limiting as far as the total amount of power we use and other options at hand when we do not want to pull from the grid. For example, if you only have a certain amount of Killowatt hours that you are allowing yourself then you might choose to hang those clothes out to dry instead of use the dryer so that way you can use that power for a hot shower later that day. My family uses on average about 1200 Kwh a month, but that is gonna change. We are going to attempt to use 10 Kwh a day which would be a quarter of what we normally use. Now I should say here that our lifestyle recently changed in a few ways that will help make this much easier. First of all my son started school and my wife has gone back to work, which lets us turn off everything when we are gone that day, also I have purchased a small 45w solar panel kit which I will talk more about in later posts, and I have also built a solar oven (which I am still tweaking). So right now I have potatoes in a pan inside my solar oven cooking slowly, I am running the washing machine but will be drying the clothes outside. My son and wife’s shower blew through a Kwh so now I have 9. Let’s see if I can do this…


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