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The Plan…

Ok, so I have my solar panels installed in a place that currently doesn’t get a lot of sun, but will once some of the leaves fall off the trees. This is one of the obstacles that I have run into being that I rent a condo I can’t just throw them up on the roof. Well, that and I am not down with permits. Anyway, I mounted them on my back deck and have a battery beside them. I currently only have a 45 watt system and plan to double that in the next couple of weeks as well as add two deep cycle batteries and a 1200 watt inverter. What I can do with that is take my coffee maker, toaster and microwave off of the grid. This won’t save me a substantial amount of energy but this thing is a marathon. The next thing I want to begin work on is a solar hot water heater. This is another thing that will be much better when some leaves go because I pretty much need to do everything on my back deck. So there you go: The Plan…for now.


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