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New Panels

New Panels

These are my new 100 watt solar panels. I built the platform out of treated 2X4s and have that bolted to my deck. What is not in the picture is my battery bank (which I had to pull out to mount the platform). In that bank I have two deer cycle marine batteries running through a 10 amp charge controller and off of them I have a 400 watt inverter. Basically off of them I am currently running my TV, VCR, DVD Player, cable box, kitchen lights and charging our kindles and cell phones. Not much, but until I get a large inverter (I am saving up for a 10,000 watt inverter) then it will have to stay small. To be honest because of the lack of sun where I live (which I have bitched about numerous times on this blog) the panels cant really handle much more of a load. Some of the requirements for our next place (we rent but may buy soon) is that the place has, or that we can install, a wood burning stove, that it has propane or natural gas (or that we can run one of those) and that it has plenty of sun. I want a tiny house (700-1000 square feet). I have years of experience in construction and am currently in the HVAC industry so if we can get the land I can make the rest happen very cheap. Anyway, that’s that.


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2 thoughts on “New Panels

  1. Looks good! Specs????

    • 100 watts a piece. Where they are (which is the best place on my property) they only get about three hours of sun a day. Adds a little charge to my two deep cycle batteries.

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