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Points Of Attack!

My wife had decided to take my son to dinner at her parents house. This was awesome. As a guy who works a lot and when I am not working my wife is so I am with my son and have very little time by myself to just veg out I decided I was going to read some online stuff and take a shower. Well, I have been turning the breaker to my hot water heater off so it doesn’t use energy while we are away or not needing our water hot. So I flipped the breaker on and watched my power monitor climb two (2) kWhs and figured that would be enough to get me through a shower. I was wrong. About three minutes into it the water went cold. Not only did this piss me off but it got me to thinking: if two kWhs only gets me three minutes of hot water, what does it take to keep water hot all the time for showers and dishes, etc.?

With that on my mind I started planning out a plan of attack against my power usage. So the way I figure it I have three areas that cost most of my power: HVAC, hot water and cooking on our electric stove. For a while I have been looking into an on demand, portable hot water heater that runs on propane and it costs less that $100. I think it’s time to try it. If I can get hot water to the shower then the only place I would really need it is the dishwasher, and that little sucker has a heating element built in to take care of that. Once hot water is taken care of all I have left is the stove part (read my previous posts to see what I have done about the HVAC…well the heating part anyway). So I was thinking it might be a good idea to get a sturdy coleman propane stove with the two eyes and that takes the little 1 gallon bottles of propane. I can also get one of those boxes that you use as an oven using the heat from the stove burners. All of this is just ideas until I get the wife’s approval, but she is a pretty supportive gal so stay tuned…

P.S. I know some of you are asking yourself “well what is the point of trading in electricity off of the grid for propane to suite your needs? Where is the renewable, sustainable part of this?” and you make a good point. That issue will be addressed soon. For now I am concentrating on using electricity derived from coal that was mined through mountaintop removal as little as possible, but have big plans on how to use the sun to do all of this…or at least help out a little.


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