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The Hard Math.

OK, so part of the reason I am trying to reduce my energy use and do more for the environment is to save money, but to be brutally honest the most joy I get out of this is screwing the power companies that blow the tops off of mountains to mine coal, leaving the residents at the bottoms of those mountains decimated as well as the habitats in the area. With that being said I did a little math today and am pretty happy with the results. Let’s see how easy I can make this:

Electrical usage for 2010: 14,245 kWh

Electrical usage for 2011: 10,057 kWh

Electricity saved: 3,354 kWh

Money saved: $316.22

Those are pretty good looking numbers in my book, but let’s be real about what I have spent to save that energy.

Power Monitor: $32

Solar Panels: $554.00

Charge Controller: $18.00

2 deep cycle batteries: $196.00

Inverter: $59.00

Kerosene Heater: $139.00

Total: $998.00

Difference after subtracting money saved: $681.78

Well, these are the hard numbers. What do you think about them?



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