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Prepare to Power Down…

So the wife and I are planning something that we have been wanting to do for a long time: Pull The Plug. You know, go off the grid. We have wanted to do this  but have only recently realized the possibilities to actually do so. Basically since we got the kerosene heater that has pretty much taken care of the heat except in the wee hours of the morn when the heat pump has kicked in for a few minutes. After we pull the plug I will be getting up to turn the heater on and stay up and watch it. That’s OK, I don’t sleep a lot anyway.

As far as hot water goes I will be installing the new on demand propane hot water heater this week and will be doing a post on it. So we have heat and hot water and we have been cooking exclusively with our propane stove so that’s taken care of. The next big challenge is the fridge. What we are going to try is basically putting everything in a large cooler and getting a lot of those refreeze cubes and will freeze some at night and replace them with ones that need to be refrozen in the morning. When it gets warmer she will simply take the ones that need to be frozen to work, throw them in the freezer and switch them out when she gets home. With all of that taken care of we simply have to worry about thing like lighting, TV and computer use and with our new Kindles and a subscription to Netflix the solar panels should be able to handle that load. So yeah, I will do posts about the lead up to this and will be posting like crazy to document the good and the bad about going off the grid. Anyway, that is the plan. Until next time…


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2 thoughts on “Prepare to Power Down…

  1. If you’re going to be using solar panels, why not keep the fridge?

    • because it would essentially use all of our power. Just not really worth it. When we build our setup bigger (a lot bigger) we would like one, but for now it isn’t an option.

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