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Rainwater Harvested, Solar Powered Hot Shower Setup

So when I bought our On Demand hot water heater (see previous post) I did so with the intention of running it on harvested rainwater and today I finished the setup.

First things first which is the rain barrel that we had in our front yard we moved to the back deck and put it on blocks so as to have gravity feed to the pump, like so

Next we rearranged the gutter to drain into the top of the barrel. Next we connected to 10′ “washer hose” to the spigot at the bottom of the barrel and ran it to a 12 volt marine water pump like so

The pump is mounted on a post just above my battery bank box so that I can connect it to my batteries when I want to take a shower. I do need to find some kind of enclosed box in which to enclose this little guy because he is small but loud.

Anyway, from there I attached another washer hose to the On Demand hot water heater that is now mounted on the outside wall at the back of our house. This is close enough to hook propane to it and also close enough to run the shower hose through that window in our bathroom making the actual shower process possible. Some people may not want a hose running through their window, but our neighbors already think we’re pretty odd so what the hell. The water heater looks like so

So anyway that’s it. A little rain and a little sun and we don’t need either the power company or the water company. Until next time…


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