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The Fridge Problem…

So before I write about the fridge thing I want to report that it rained last night and I got off of work early today and, noticing a full rain barrel and knowing that it is going to rain more this weekend, I cranked up the on demand water heater and took an insanely long shower. It was awesome, but used a ton of energy from my battery bank which shortened my son’s TV time. Sorry dude.

OK, now onto the fridge issue. With our budget we cannot really go off grid and have a fridge anytime soon. I mean really. It would take tons of power to keep that guy running all day and night and we do not have a large solar array or a huge battery bank to store the energy even if we did, so in reality it’s time to break ourselves of the fridge. The plan is that we are going to get a large cooler and keep our milk and meats in it while buying only enough fruits and veggies to last a few days. Now, we have a few advantages: my wife works next to both a farmers market and a supermarket and can get things by walking across a parking lot AND she also works behind a bar that “burns” ice off every night (meaning they take scalding hot water and pour it on the ice to melt it) so we are going to get our hands on that ice and keep our cooler nice and cold. Sound cool? We’ll see. Until next time…


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One thought on “The Fridge Problem…

  1. You can always do the chest freezer to fridge conversion, that takes so little power to run, we use it and even on the nights when we run low on power, we can turn off the fridge and it maintains the food at acceptable temps overnight until the sun comes back up and powers the system back up.

    I think you have already seen this, but if not, here it is,


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