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Why A Better Economy Scares Me…

So the newest unemployment numbers were positive in that we added almost a quarter million jobs in January and as someone who knows the value of work and of a paycheck I am really happy that so many people once again have that security that is so precious to me and mine. I have to be honest, however, that a “healthy” economy scares me and I will tell you why. Like so many others my family had been interested in the idea of conservation and self sufficiency for quite some time, but had remained neutral in our actions due to a life that was just too damn convenient to make too many changes to. As a result we let the dryer dry our clothes and the hot water heater heat our water and…well, you get the point. It wasn’t until The Great Recession that we started seriously looking at our life and how we effect and are effected by nature and really started questioning the value of relying on an unreliable grid and clever machinery to do all the inconvenient things that have to be done to make a household run smoothly. As a result we have made some changes and have much bigger changes on the way. Changes that make our lives more in tune with our environment and make us much more self sufficient. I feel that many, many others have moved in much the same direction that we have and have made changes that help not only our earth but also the lives of themselves and their children. What I am afraid of is that some of those people that have made these changes have done so because of surplus time or anemic funds and when hiring ramps back up and consumerism once again regains the godlike hold on us we will simply go back to work and forget all about environmentalism and self sufficiency, too comforted by the warm arms of consumerism once again. We will go to work and save and dream of all the things that money can buy, forgetting all the things that money can’t buy. As for me and mine we have made a conscious decision to stay on this ship until it sinks and I just wonder when the water is calm and oh so inviting will you jump ship?


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